Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Homestretch

Two weeks off, people. After today, it will be sixteen lovely days until I return to the world of meetings, projects and deadlines. Sixteen days. Christmas break is such a lovely perk to working in higher education. Those in the corporate world, feel free to brag about bonuses, profit sharing and the like. On your own blog, of course.

There are no big plans, other the the normal holiday family visits, which suits me just fine. Initially, I thought a few days would be spent painting the living room. It's embarrassing how long there have been drywall patches showing, but whatever. We have a baby. Nothing gets done. I've accepted it. However, Husband surprised me by having a painter take care of it last week. Hallelujah! Two days of freedom regained.

Now the home improvement snowball has started. New mantle for the fireplace. New vanity for the bathroom. Paint the hallway. Tile the backsplash. We'll be lucky if we get one done before spring.

We're also contemplating new furniture. With a 17-month old. We're idiots.

Chit chat aside, I'm really excited to watch Bean experience the hoopla. Yes, she was around last Christmas, but still in that loaf of bread phase. My expectations are higher now. Last night she finally noticed the presents and was enticed by the glittery ribbon. Husband was able to redirect her before she tore anything open. (I'm finding that's pretty much life with a toddler -- a "no" followed by redirect. All. The. Time.)

Above is this year's Christmas card. Happy holidays.

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