Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Besides Christmas vacation, the best thing about working in education is a snow day. It makes it perfectly acceptable to stay in pajamas the entire day. Which I did, with the exception of venturing out to shovel. With a bum arm. I'm stupid. I'm also now under the influence of pain medication.

I'd like to say the day was productive and all sorts of chores were accomplished, but that would be a lie. The highlight was I managed s short workout and did laundry. If you don't have cable, there's not much on during the day, so I relived high school by watching The Cosby Show. It was horrible. But I remember loving it at the time. Mostly, I just coveted Vanessa's wardrobe.

I'm hoping for no snow day tomorrow. Cabin fever is setting in and another day with the Huxtable's would be too much.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pain Management

This week has been about one thing -- pain management. It really started last Saturday (New Year's Day) when I ended up with a nasty hangover. Boyfriend and I met friends in Lawrence for festivities which began with a shot of whiskey at 7 p.m. That set the expectation for the rest of the night, which I strived valiantly to uphold. The celebration ended with the eating of cheese bread and pizza crust at 3 a.m. (I napped through the actual pizza.)

I'll admit it. I'm an amateur. I kept hearing people mutter "amateur night" about those choosing to ring in 2011. Hell yes, it's amateur night. So these people pride themselves of being professionals? Professional drinkers? Am I the only one who thinks this smacks of alcoholism?No thanks. Amateur is just fine with me even if I end up eating a giant bag of potato chips the next day. (Nothing soothes my hangover like Lay's chips and onion dip.)

Next on the pain management tour was my arm surgery on Monday. I won't elaborate too much, but it hurts far more than I expected. Thank god for pain meds, even though I don't like taking them since they leave me light-headed and walking crooked. When I complained about how this hurt more than it did ten years ago, a friend reminded me I'm a lot older and will heal slower. Thanks.

The other expected disappointment is the inability to workout. Though it coincided well with all the NYR (New Year's Resolutioners) being back at the gym. Gyms should let year-round attendees freeze their membership from Jan. 1-Feb. 15. Six weeks is usually all it takes to clear out good intentions. My goal is to be back in the pool by next Friday (there's a meet the end of this month) and yoga in two weeks. That may be optimistic, but it's the meds talking.