Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Day Observations

1. Snow day #1 = awesome. Snow day #2 = cabin fever.

2. Staying in PJs for an entire day is also awesome. Day #2 = funk.

3. If you are craving something sweet (the story of my life) and don't have anything in the house, you can eat one of your kid's teething biscuits. Teething biscotti, if you will. It goes excellent with coffee.

4. When teething biscotti no longer cuts it, make snickerdoodles. There's nothing like lounging by the fire with warm cookies and a begging dog. On day #2, have husband hide snickerdoodles so you won't eat the entire batch by day's end.

5. When the entire family is confined to the house for the whole day you will clean the kitchen 72 times. Don't try to figure out how this is possible, it just is. At 8pm when you believe you've wiped down the counters for the last time - hallelujah - your husband will ask what's for dinner. Seriously. (I love you, Husband.)

6. An unexpected day home with your baby is just lovely. You snuggle and play and hope she takes a long nap. (Two and half hours long. Yeah, baby.) On day #2, you check the daycare's website to see if they're open. Just a late start? Yes, please. I'm the crappy mom who dropped her baby off at daycare for a half day. I feel tremendous guilt. I'm also reveling in a quiet house and a chance to workout and blog.

Stay warm.