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Mom Guilt

The mom guilt has arrived in full-force. Actually, the guilt train pulled into the station the day I went back to work. Dropping the Bean off at daycare sucked. (That's the nickname that seems to be sticking. Bean or Peanut. I must have a thing for legumes.)

Anyway, it's time to purge my guilty conscience. There's The Mom I Wish To Be (TMIWTB) and the actual reality of my parenting skills:

TMIWTB: Hand knits or at the very least orders sweet, one-of-a-kind baby clothing from Etsy. Me: Can barely sew on a button and buys baby clothes from Target online because they are cheap.
TMIWTB: Sends out baby announcements within the first two months of baby’s arrival. Me: Doesn’t send announcements because that’s what Facebook is for. Instead, uses Christmas card with pics of child as a pseudo announcement.
TMIWTB: Makes crafty thank you notes by hand with thoughtful messages. Me: Buys cards at CVS and scribbles thank you while the baby drools on the envelope.
TMIWTB: Has profession…


Christmas was extra merry this year, as Husband upped the ante on gifts with this beauty. I've always liked Italians with a strong profile. A good bike name is in order, but I can't do that until after the first ride which hopefully happens tomorrow.

Before you think Husband is the best gift-giver ever (though he is pretty damn good) it should be mentioned that he bought a Pinarello for himself, too. Yes, we're that couple -- matching bikes for Christmas. When I pointed this out, he explained they aren't matching because his is a gloss finish and mine is matte. Um, okay. If we start wearing matching jerseys, please mock us mercilessly.