Monday, July 30, 2012

Get This Party Started

So what do you do when you're reclining in a hospital bed, Olympic beach volleyball on the TV and watching petocin slowly drip through an IV into your arm? You blog.

As of 3:32pm, all is manageable. Ask me in an hour or two and the tune will most likely be different. Petocin scares the crap out me, but as long as it gets the baby out of me, I'm trying to not freak out.

I woke up this morning and greeted the day as a normal Monday. After walking Trudy a few miles and spending 40 minutes on the elliptical, it dawned on me I felt a little crampy, for lack of a better term. And without getting too graphic, I started to wonder if my water had broken. (It was nothing like it's portrayed on television.)

So I called a handful of friends and my sister to get some feedback. All signs pointed to yes, so I called my doctor's office which said just go to the hospital. I took Trudy for a second walk while waiting for Husband to get home and try not to overreact.

At the hospital it's confirmed -- water broken. Doctor tells me I'm lucky to be getting the "get out of pregnancy free" card two weeks early, especially since this is my first. I'm shocked. I was so sure this baby would be late. My laptop is still at the office. I didn't get all my thank you notes out. Damn it.

Truth is, I've been wrong about most of it. I was certain it was a boy, but it's not. I swore the baby would be big, but signs don't point that way. I thought I'd be way overdue. Wrong again. Maybe all this is just preparation for how little I'll have control over very soon.

Well, ice chips are calling. Hopefully the next photo I post will be of someone much cuter than me.

Monday, July 23, 2012

This and That

Blogging when you don't have any significant update is difficult. But I haven't been on here in ten days, so I feel some nagging responsibility to check in. I'm still here, I'm still pregnant, it's still hot as hell and I'm still freaked out about impending parenthood. (Though I'm desperate to be done with pregnancy.)

A few things that are getting me through this final month:

1. The pool. Always my sanctuary, swimming still feels wonderful even though I'm S-L-O-W. I'm even over how scary I look in my Speedo and have ventured back to my Sunday masters practice. The outdoor, 50-meter pool is heaven and if I look closely after a workout, there's still a little tricep muscle to be seen. (Plus it does wonders for the water retention in my ankles.)

2. The Olympics start this Friday. Enough said.

3. One part of being an old mom-to-be is you get to go to the doc twice weekly the last month. These visits include checking the baby's heart rate for distress and fluid tests. It also includes a weekly sonogram, which is pretty cool. The good news is, everything looks great. The bad news is, all the good news doesn't indicate any reason this kiddo is going to arrive early, so I get to practice patience.

4. Husband and I have decided every Saturday until D-Day is date night and are hitting up all our favorite restaurants. Saturday was La Bodega and it was just as tasty as I'd hoped. (Chased with a chocolate-peanut butter sugar cone from Baskin-Robbins.)

5. A sweet baby shower thrown by my co-workers. It really was quite touching how many turned out for this and I highly recommend working in education if you're having a baby. (Even dudes give you gifts.)

6. Air conditioning. I don't venture further than ten feet away from an AC vent at all times.

7. Actual appreciation for the fact this pregnancy was easy to come by and uneventful to maintain. An all-around sandbagger, I love to apply my cynicism and skepticism for the sake of a good story. My pregnancy has provided much good fodder. However, we have friends who's road to family has been drastically more difficult and less successful than ours. I know we're unbelievably fortunate and can only hope every woman who wishes to experience the craziness of pregnancy gets the opportunity. I also hope for their sake it's not during the hottest summer in the history of the world.

Friday, July 13, 2012


I don't know if the final month is really the home stretch - maybe that should be left for the final week - but today is officially one month from due date. While I'm hopeful for an early delivery, I'm doubtful that will be the case. I was a month late. (My poor mother.) However, I was also an extremely sweet baby. (What happened, I don't know.) All I know at this point is nearly everything is out of my control and no amount of house cleaning or freezing casseroles will change that.

This is my last month of not being a parent, which also causes some angst. I've sorted through old photos, reread blog entries and reminisced some about my childless life. I've bemoaned to Husband about missing our Colorado trip this summer. Maybe we should have waited a year before starting a family.

However the concerns and fears are moot; the baby train has left the station. Husband also pointed out we're not exactly spring chickens, so waiting didn't benefit us. As it is, I will turn forty soon after the baby arrives. Forty. FORTY. Ugh. Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing - Old Mom.

While my friends are prepping their kiddos for middle school, I'll be sleepless and smell of spittle. Husband will be sixty when this bundle of joy graduates high school.

There's an additional set of fears when you're Old Parents. If you are fortunate to have a healthy baby, do you roll the dice and try for another or is that selfish? Will people think I'm the kid's grandmother? Will she miss out on strong relationships with her grandparents? There are no good answers.

When Husband and I do encounter someone else in our age range expecting, we're giddy. We're not the only ones starting this adventure a decade behind! Then we invite them to brunch and talk about Bob strollers.

Did I mention the Bob arrived last week? I suggested putting Trudy in it for a trial run, but Husband vetoed. Of course, he also vetoed dressing up T on Halloween, but whatever, I'm not bitter. At least I'll get to dress up the kid.