Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Love for Sci-Fi

The furniture has been rearranged; pictures adjusted; trash bags unpacked and closet organized. (My closet; not Boyfriend’s. I’m not allowed to mess with his clothes. Yet.)

Knowing the move would be stressful we rewarded ourselves with cable. We reasoned cable is needed to watch the Tour de France. But really, I was missing Millionaire Matchmaker and House Hunters. What I didn’t account for is the avalanche of sci-fi programming that is on 24/7.

Here’s the thing, boys. Regardless of what a girl indicates when you start dating, she does not enjoy watching science fiction. She may watch it with you, but it is only an effort to impress you. She is really praying it’s a thirty-minute show verses a full hour. This is not unlike when boy first has girl over to his house, apologizing that it’s messy when the truth is, this is the cleanest it’s been in six months. It’s all about first impressions.

As with all broad statements, there are exceptions. But I am speaking for the majority of females when I say that the plot of Battlestar Galactica is not appealing. A good rule of thumb is if the title has the word “star” in it, girls don’t want to watch it. Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica – nope, nope, nope and nope.

Because I love Boyfriend, occasionally I will watch part of a sci-fi show with him. This is a gesture of support, which he appreciates. Similarly, he’ll tolerate Property Virgins for ten minutes before leaving the room. However, loving someone does not mean having to love the same TV shows. If he needs me, he knows where to find me – in the bedroom watching Ice Loves Coco.