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The Race That Wasn't

Not sure how the mesh-thingy from my aero bottle got wrapped around my fork leaving transition, but it did. Fortunately, nothing beyond me looking silly occurred.

T1 - the speediest part of my race.
Axel had rockstar parking.
With Boyfriend before the start. Unfortunately, the Cycling Jesus shirt did not bring good luck this time. Yesterday was the Shawnee Mission Triathlon, or half of it anyway. Weather was not friendly in Kansas City, and Mother Nature unleashed a tirade about halfway through the race.Part of me was happy because: 1) I had not been on my bike in two weeks, 2) I had eaten a large amount of cheese with a side of sangria the night before, and 3) there has not been much pep in my step lately.It would have been nice if they’d called the race before the swim. While herding in the water there was ample lightning in the distance. Figuring the race director was just trying to do his best, I started the swim thinking it was on a 50/50 chance I would be allowed to finish.The swim …


I should blog about my trip to Chicago, but like scenic vacation photos, it's not interesting to those who weren't there. I'll keep it brief. Eating, drinking, shopping and fireworking ensued. Workouts did not. We did not go to the Taste, seeing as the Apple Store on a Saturday is too crowded for me. We did, however, cruise Lake Michigan during the firework celebrations. All in all, an excellent weekend.