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Bring on the crazy.

When Boyfriend proposed, the tail end of the conversation was, “By giving you the ring I’m also handing over the stress.” The comment didn’t bother me at the time. Hell, I’d just got engaged to a fantastic guy. This is great. I couldn’t be happier.

Yay me.
Two weeks later and euphoria is gone. Maybe not gone, but buried deep under renting my house, reorganizing his house, moving my stuff, planning a wedding (that’s another story), working, coaching and supposedly studying for the GRE. Right.
I was also supposed to race last weekend, but lack of training and Boyfriend’s comment that the water would cause hypothermia made me decide otherwise. Wimp. I’m not proud.I’ve decided no more races until the move is complete, which should be July 1. Oh, but that’s when we get our new dog. (She’s currently being treated for heartworm, poor thing.)
I’ve created the “Master List” which entails all to be done at both houses, as well as preliminary wedding planning. It’s at three pages now. Single-spaced.

My humble abode...

has been rented. It took 24 hours, a Craigslist ad and four photos. I was completely unprepared for the response. Ten people in one day. Everyone that saw it filled out an application. It threw me into a tailspin.

There's something about renting a house that's been your home. I want someone that will care about it the way that I do, which is nearly impossible. I labored over who should be the renter of choice, checking references and verifying employment. It caused much emotional distress. Finally, Boyfriend (now fiance) said, are you expecting the renter to be your new best friend? Um, no. Sheepishly I decided on the girl that responded first to the ad.

So in six weeks, my cute little house will be inhabited by someone else and I'll be merging my things with a man who has been living solo for several decades. There is much purging to be done and not nearly enough time to do it.

And we're planning a reception. Sometime in the fall, hopefully October. And the first race of…

Otherwise engaged.

Ring criteria:

Mine: simple, classic, not too fancy.

Boyfriend: sturdy, usable to aid in escape if ever trapped inside something made of glass.