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Three months and counting....

Don't let the heading fool you, I am not pregnant. Dad, pick yourself up off the floor. Instead, I'm celebrating (okay, acknowledging) three months of no TV. Truth be told, I do own a TV. A sharp 42-inch plasma. It's shiny and impressive in my living room. It's just never on. I'll start at the beginning...I found myself in this position, not to make a statement about the mind-numbing effects of television, but for a far simpler reason – needing to save money. Cable cost $92 monthly. The rational side of my brain screamed $92 is a lot of jack for little return. The emotional side cried but which stripper Bret Michaels will choose on Rock of Love Tour Bus?So I canceled my cable. While this is certainly not earth-shaking, it must be mentioned the role television fills to a person who lives alone. It is almost always on. From the morning newscast and weather to the last Law & Order, the barrage of voices was a constant hum in my life. It staved off the silence that…

The kinda, sorta vegetarian.

I'm a vegetarian that sometimes eats meat, which probably angers both camps. Make a decision. Stand by your convictions. And I do stand by my convictions. Until I stand by a pepperoni pizza and then the wavering begins.
Being a vegetarian is simple. Plants or animals. Yay or nay. Black or white. There's no negotiation. You like the sizzle of steak or you don't. I like it. The smell of grilling. The worcestershire sauce. A glass of pinot to go along side it. The whole experience is pleasing.
So why not call myself a carnivore and be done with it? Because there's more to it. It fundamentally bothers me that an animal was killed so I can eat. Even if that is the sole purpose of the animal being created, I'm saddened. Truth be told, I feel better eating plants. Lighter. Healthier. More efficient. So I waver. Apparently others do, too. There's now a word to describe people like me -- flexitarian. Which sounds more applicable to yoga than diet.
And a little tip for the …

Welcome to my often entertaining, sometimes pathetic life...

I'm late to the blogging party. Extremely late. As a writer, this is inexcusable. And it's not for lack of material. My single, triathlon-style life is interesting and amusing. (At least to my married friends. Or maybe they're faking it. Hmm.) So here we go.
The name 3athletejen is a bit misleading, as I haven't raced since Ironman Florida 2007. Still swim, bike and run. Just haven't broke the tape in a while. Hoping the competitive urge resurfaces soon. And that I recognize it. It might well be ignored for a cold glass of pinot grigio and the chance to sleep in on a Saturday.
Truth by told, my dating stories are far more entertaining. Names will be changed to protect the innocent. Unless someone really pissed me off. Then social security numbers will be included.