Monday, January 23, 2012

Positive, baby

Well, it's been a while. But I have a good excuse. As of today, I'm officially 12 weeks so Husband and I agree it's okay to go public -- another Saab will be joining the family sometime around August 13. Yee-haw.

Being pregnant is not really an excuse to take a blogging hiatus, but it does seem to take over a large amount of brain space. Literally the first thing I think every morning since finding out is "holy s*($, I'm pregnant." Usually muttered in an effort to get to the bathroom quickly.

We are not an emotional family, so calling to tell my dad was awkward. My words, "I'm knocked up" were met by a long pause then a "Jennifer, you are not knocked up. You are with child." Um, okay. Then my sister pointed out that you're knocked up when you're not married. Okay. I still can't say I'm with child.

Another thing Husband and I agree on not saying is "we're pregnant." The reason is obvious. He will not be gaining a large amount of weight and then delivering the baby after a long and exhausting labor. (I plan for the worst.) I'm pregnant. At this point, his work is done. Except for going to Winstead's to get cherry shakes. He still has to do that.

I thought about changing the blog name 3athletejen to something more suitable for a woman with child. But then pregnancy is not unlike an Ironman. You train nine months for one day of immense pain. Sadly, I won't quite be in the shape of my life after crossing the finish line with a baby, but there's always a baby jogger.