Monday, May 13, 2013

A little celebratin'

So much to write about; so little time. I'll take the easy route and cover my first mother's day. 

Crap folks, had I known this was such a big deal I would've had a kid years ago. Mother's Day is better than a birthday - equal celebration and no aging up. Fantastic. And I should be celebrated. None of this demure "oh you shouldn't have" attitude. Bring on the compliments! Bring on the gifts! I'm happy to receive them all.

Here are a couple reasons my mom-ship should be celebrated:

1. I let my kid chew on her report card every day when I pick her up from school. Husband does not allow this, but I don't care. Pink paper for everyone, I say.

2. In an effort to keep her occupied so I could prep for dinner, I let the Bean eat mail. It was just a credit card solicitation, but that envelope gave me 20 whole minutes. (Are we detecting a paper theme here?)

3. Sometimes I rotate between Tylenol and Advil just because she's fussy. Her liver will thank me later.

4. She has learned how to share her Mum Mum with Trudy, meaning she takes a bite, gives Trudy a bite, then she takes another. While proud of her sharing ability, the fact that Trudy also eats goose poop makes this disgusting.

5. Speaking of poop, the Bean finally did what I've been anticipating for months - went in the tub. So I took her out, rinsed her off and left the poo-filled baby tub for Husband to clean.

Husband and Bean did particularly well on gifts -- a Ninja Blender (insert Kung Fu noise here) and new bike shoes. We've been blending everything and it's amazing the difference a good blender makes. We also bought Charley her first bike helmet which is so cute it makes my heart hurt.

Now if we could just find time to ride.