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The Summer of Imposition

Blah, blah, blah, it’s been a long time, blah, blah. I know. This is why I don’t own plants. My maintenance is subpar.The desire to race Wisconsin has waned. Instead, sleeping in and brunching is far more attractive. Maybe I will race some shorter distance stuff. Maybe not. That is the joy of indecision. Instead, Boyfriend and myself have coined this summer “The Summer of Imposition.”If friends or even acquaintances own any of the following, we will be calling: lake house, beach house, boat, extra room anywhere in Colorado, Chicago or extra tickets to Chelsea Handler.This past weekend, however, there was no imposing. I continued on the Meet the Friends Tour (last week was Meet the Family) with an outing to Lawrence on Friday. I forget how much I enjoy Lawrence. And the company was great. Such a relief that I sincerely like Boyfriend’s friends and didn’t have to small talk my way through the night.Brunch yesterday at 180 in Westport. Excellent food. My proclivity towards brunch origina…